How Old Is Too Old For "Trick Or Treating"?

With Halloween 2010 upon us, the streets of Chicago and surrounding suburbs are filled with Brett Farve's, Lady Gaga's, and even large Oscar the Grouch's riding motorcycles (I saw this one driving downtown yesterday).

It's a holiday that brings out the kid in everyone and encourages jokes/pranks (tricks) and rewards of candy (treats).

Too Old Trick Or Treat

My question is "How old is too old for trick or treating?"

I've seen people as old as in their 30's (mind you without small children in tow) out and about, going from house to house "trick or treating". 

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a "candy-a-holic", but I'm not going to throw on my Ghostbusters costume from when I was 10 and walk around my quiet Arlington Heights neighborhood asking for candy from houses.

Now going out with kids or younger teens isn't weird or wrong in anyway and obviously all part of Halloween, but what age is too old (become weird) to go out by yourself or with friends of same/close age?

When was the last time you went out "trick or treating"?

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