Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's, Rise Against, The Academy Is...

What do all these big time bands have in common you ask???

Believe it or not, they all got their start playing shows at the Arlington Heights Knight of Columbus, located at 15 N. Hickory Ave, across from Pioneer Park.

In the late 90's and early 2000's, the KOFC played host to to these popular acts and many more before they hit the spotlight. 
Being privileged to catch a few of these shows and have friends that were in some of these bands inner circles while in high school, it didn't hit me till years later how I lived less than a mile from an important music scene in the Chicagoland area. 

There seemed to be so many ways that my teenage years intertwined with this crowd: I worked at a Best Buy with the future bassist from The Academy Is... (he's now in a great Chicago based band "Empires") and had a good friend that ran "Little League Records" (original home of 504 Plan, August Premier, and the original The Academy Is...) and now works for Atlantic Records.

All of this most likely helped further my interest in music and eventually the arena of radio. 

The Knights of Columbus hall in Arlington Heights probably brought the same interest to many other music fans of the Northwest Suburbs and still does today.

I'm sure if you catch a show there tomorrow or next week, you might be seeing the next Fall Out Boy/Plain White T's/Rise Against/The Academy Is, don't miss your opportunity to ride the excitement of seeing a band cutting their teeth and growing up right before your eyes.

So check out a show at the Knights of Columbus in Arlington Heights or your local music venue.  It not only helps support your local music venue, but I'll bet you might discover your next favorite band.

I know I did...


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