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How Old Is Too Old For "Trick Or Treating"?

With Halloween 2010 upon us, the streets of Chicago and surrounding suburbs are filled with Brett Farve’s, Lady Gaga’s, and even large Oscar the Grouch’s riding motorcycles (I saw this one driving downtown yesterday). It’s a holiday that brings out the kid in everyone and encourages jokes/pranks (tricks) and rewards of candy (treats). My question... Read more »

Chevelle, Grayslake's Rock Heroes Return Home

Whenever I look back at my time in Chicago radio, my best memory was when I was able to interview Pete and Sam Loeffler from the band Chevelle on their tour bus before an in-store performance at the old Tower Records in Bloomingdale. Being able to sit down with one of my favorite alternative rock bands... Read more »

Halloween in the "Heights" Approved Flicks

A dark horse, indie film made by Oren Peli for $15k that juggernauted to $194M in profit worldwide.  A simply made, well directed "found footage" movie that had it's sequel just released recently.
With Halloween around the corner and a lot of my friends/acquaintances spending their nights leading up to it watching classic or crappy horror flicks, I figured it would be a great time to count down my top 5 favorite horror movie series (with an indie newcomer to the party): My childhood Halloweens were filled with... Read more »

Let's Celebrate the "4th of Halloween"!

Halloween has to be one of my favorite holiday’s of the year, next to Thanksgiving or Black Friday/Cyber Monday (which should be an official holiday by now).  It brings the wearing of costumes, eating excessive amounts of candy, and pilgrimages to the movie theater to see the new Saw movie back into the normalcy of... Read more »

"Live Where You Work", "Work Where You Live" or "Option C, Neither"?

My fiance and I are in the beginning stages of the frightening process, buying your first home.  We both have been lucky enough to have parents that haven’t booted us out of their homes the second we finished college and in my case have even welcomed me home after my tour of duty working/living in the... Read more »

Are Pets Just As Important To Our Family Structure As You & Me?

Everyday you can pick up a newspaper or hop online and read stories about pets being left on doorsteps of shelters or thrown out of cars on the outskirts of towns.  These stories always break my heart and make me wish that I could adopt every lonely dog in the world to give them the unconditional love... Read more »

McRib Hunting...People Actually Do This?

The McDonald’s McRib, it’s a delicious and elusive boneless pork sandwich, that’s only sold in a limited time fashion across the United States. In reading an article posted on the Chicago Tribune website this morning (see original article here), it’s amazing to me that this seemingly normal item is one of mythical legend.  There is much... Read more »

Making Movies in the Northwest Suburbs

The Biograph Theater on Lincoln Ave brought back to the time John Dillenger walked the streets
Recently I was reading about how the upcoming thriller, “Contagion”, has scheduled filming locations in Elgin, Wilmette, and Yorkville for later this year. Starring Hollywood A-listers Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and about a virus outbreak that starts in Hong Kong and finds its way to Chicago; filming is bound... Read more »

To Eat or Not To Eat Chicken Nuggets...

Being that I’m 27 and still have the dietary interests of a preschool age child, I enjoy consuming my fair share of Chicken Nuggets from a variety of fast food locations or the grocery store. This statement held 100% true until yesterday when I saw an article on one of my favorite tech websites, Gizmodo, with a picture of... Read more »

Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's, Rise Against, The Academy Is...

Originally from DuPage County
What do all these big time bands have in common you ask??? Believe it or not, they all got their start playing shows at the Arlington Heights Knight of Columbus, located at 15 N. Hickory Ave, across from Pioneer Park. In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the KOFC played host to to these popular... Read more »