Lee DeWyze, Mt. Prospect's Favorite Paint Salesman

So as 99.9% of Chicagoland knows (the other .1% probably doesn't own
TV's or play softball 7 days a week like my friend Rich), Lee DeWyze was
the winner of this season's American Idol.  He easily became the most
recognized, blue collared, favorite hometown son this decade with his
simple and hardworking attitude.

I'll admit I'm not the biggest
American Idol fan or that I will run out when Lee's CD hits stores, but I
will say that I hope he hits the big time as previous Mt. Prospect High
School alums Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron on TV's House) and Ian
Brennan (co-creator of Glee, which according to 90% of people in my
office is the best show on TV since MAS*H) have successfully done.

It makes me think "what if" I took a different path in high school
such as
play in the band or maybe play a more popular sport than soccer (at
least I have that varsity letter in the bottom of a box somewhere).  I
mean my core group of influential friends idea of fun was throwing food
across the lunchroom and taking those "Open Till Late" signs from
Wendy's (yes that's against the law and a whole other story for a
different day).

With Lee's story, I'm sure it makes all of us think
back to those high school days and wonder what it would be like if they
took a different path.  It's not that we are unhappy with our current
life situation, but it's something fun to do when you've come to the end
of the internet at work and it's only 9:30am on Monday.

I would
like to think that my closet singing would've led me to being a Weird Al
or William Hung type of horrible singer that people would go see just
to laugh at and say "that guy's singing makes me look like Barry
White".  But hey, if they are paying me to be on stage... the jokes on

as the video above shows, Mr. DeWyze has major talent and a solid
backing already, so I'm sure that he'll find his niche in the music
business even if his solo act doesn't take off.  Even though I wasn't
his "friend", I still had friends that were close to him and I still
would love to see somebody that I crossed paths with at an early age to
be in the lime light for their career (I'm sure it would drive my fiance
crazy because she's going to have to hear about how I went to "Lee
DeWyze's high school" for the next 20 years).

His first
opportunity (other than on the American Idol TV show and summer tour) is
next Friday, September 24th, 7:30pm at Arlington Park in Arlington
Heights.  Tickets are still on-sale for $8-$20  and can be purchased here.

if you live in the Chicagoland area and aren't too busy playing
softball next Friday (like my friend Rich), go out and support Lee so he
can make it big and give me a subject to talk about at parties for the
next 15-20 years! 

Good luck Lee!

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