Chickity China the Chinese chicken

...You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'.

Yes, I am referring to the 90's smash (or headache, depending on which side of the coin you fell on in regards to this song) called "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies. 

For some reason this song always plays in my head when I think about/plan on going to one of my local favorite Chinese restaurant in nearby Wheeling...I'm well aware that the song has absolutely zero to do with the cuisine.

So when my fiance and I brought up the idea of going there for dinner tonight, it got me thinking about my top 5 favorite places to eat in and around the Arlington Heights area.

Now I don't make it out to eat all that often (especially when your trying to save money to buy a place of your own and pay for a wedding), but when I do I seem to only gravitate towards a select number of places to dine.  Having the food variety of a kindergartner also doesn't help.

Here is my personal Northwest Suburb Top 5 (in no specific order):

  1. Photos Hotdogs-Mount Prospect/Palatine (Hot dogs, burgers, etc.)
  2. Peep's-Arlington Heights (Hot dogs, burgers, etc.)
  3. Sushi Para-Palatine (All you can eat sushi)
  4. Don's Dock-Des Plaines (Seafood)
  5. Choo Choo-Des Plaines (diner food served to you by a toy train)

All these places have been staples in their communities (some for many, many years) and I encourage a visit to each of them if you're ever in the area if you've never been.

I'm interested in knowing how my list stacks up to others, so what's your top 5 favorite Northwest Suburb places to eat?

Feel free to comment with them or send me an email here.


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