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Movie Review - The Hangover Part II (*1/2)

THE HANGOVER PART II.  102 mins.  R.  Directed by Todd Phillips.  Written by Craig Mazin & Scot Armstrong & Todd Phillips. How’s that line go?  “Second verse, same as the first.”  Welcome to The Hangover Part II, folks.  Just last week, in my Pirates 4 review, I discussed one of my least favorite types of sequels:... Read more »

American Idol Recap - Mo' Motown

The American Idol MVP Award, the most prestigious award we at Hammervision can bestow upon any single living person, goes tonight to Ms. Jennifer Lopez.  The lady offered valid, coherent critiques without using made-up words.  She slyly infused one of her critiques with the word “niche” knowing full well it would jog our memories and bring... Read more »

Movie Review - Due Date (***1/2)

Due Date.  100 mins.  R.  Directed by Todd Phillips.  Starring Robert Downey, Jr., Zach Galifianakis, and Michelle Monaghan. Road trip comedies live or die on the chemistry of their performers.  The stories may differ slightly, but the elements are always the same: take two diametrically opposite people, throw them in a car, give them a... Read more »

Movie Review - It's Kind of a Funny Story (**)

It’s Kind of a Funny Story.  101 mins.  PG-13.  Written and Directed by Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden.  Starring Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts, Viola Davis, and Zach Galifianakis. The key words in the title of It’s Kind of a Funny Story are “kind of.”  It’s kind of a decent movie, but not quite.  Kind of... Read more »