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Breaking Bad Recap - Dead Freight

Breaking Bad Recap - Dead Freight
So, I think there’s not a ton to say about last night’s Breaking Bad. There was a heist. It went off, mostly, without a hitch. I know the premise of this episode was supposed to be exciting and mesmerizing, like most heist films aspire to be. The thrill is in watching the whole thing come... Read more »

'American Idol' Non-Cap

Consider this my little one woman protest against the train wreck that American Idol has become this season.  No.  Train wrecks are interesting.  What is the dullest possible thing imaginable?  Watching paint dry is too trite.  Watching paint dry while being forced to listen to watered down versions of America’s favorite country/pop/rock songs followed by... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - Super 8

Good afternoon!  It’s time for another recap of The Killing, and this time our focus is on…rebellion. Let’s find out who our rebels with/without causes were: Bennet (Rebellion: He flat out lied to the police): When Bennet arrived to work on Day 5 after Rosie Larsen was murdered, the crack detective team of Linden and... Read more »