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Movie Review - Transformers: Dark of the Moon (**1/2 out of 5)

Movie Review - Transformers: Dark of the Moon (**1/2 out of 5)
The newest Transformers is not so much an actual movie, as it is an action highlight reel strung together by cheese whiz.  It delivers a lot of bang for your buck, with a handful of jaw-dropping action sequences toward the end that are on a scale that is almost too big to believe. But that... Read more »

Trailer Time: Transformers - Dark of the Moon

Until now, we’ve only seen brief wordless glimpses of the third Transformers film, but tonight, Paramount unleashed the full trailer and it’s a doozy.  I like the more serious approach and the visuals are just astonishing.  The stakes look higher, the robots are bigger, and Chicago is almost a supporting character.  In theaters July 1st.... Read more »

Optimus Prime Sighting!

Much ink has been spilled already about Transformers 3’s take-over of Chicago.  Some might find it annoying.  Fine.  But on our way home from a 15-0 slaughter-rule softball victory last night, we stumbled upon the following scene being shot, and the night got exponentially cooler.  I may not have been excited about Transformers 3 before,... Read more »