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Remembering Tony Scott: His 5 Essential Films

1. CRIMSON TIDE (1995).  Probably my favorite of all of Tony Scott's movies.  Denzel vs. Hackman is a movie star match-up for the ages.  Both actors tear into their roles, and if Washington's character proves more sympathetic at times, the movie does a fantastic job of stacking the deck equally for each character.  The suspense is almost unbearable at times, and the stakes (nuclear war triggering World War III) couldn't be higher.  Crimson Tide delves into interesting and morally complicated subject matter, but does it all with tremendous wit and style, never sacrificing entertainment at the expense of art, though it's a perfect example of both.
The film world lost one of its great modern visionaries with Sunday’s passing of Tony Scott.  Though he never received the critical notices and awards love shown to his brother Ridley, Tony Scott was a huge success in his own right.  With Top Gun in 1986, he practically ushered in the slick action blockbuster, and,... Read more »

Movie Review - Unstoppable (***)

Unstoppable.  98 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by Tony Scott.  Written by Mark Bomback.  Starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, and Rosario Dawson. This had the potential to be another runaway action success like Speed.  The set-ups are eerily similar – both have highly literal titles and plots that revolve around high-speed moving vehicles (here, it’s a train) that... Read more »