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Bears vs. The World: Daytime TV East Coast Bias

I’ve been very lax in my blog posting due to, well, it not being easy to type with a newborn baby in one’s arms.  However, I’ve been doing my job as a TV blogger by watching more than my share of daytime television.   Today I watched The View and Not Dead! with Regis &... Read more »

Whoopi and Joy Walk Out on 'The View'

Gawker featured a blind item yesterday about a TV show where all of the current cast members have been getting along so splendidly that the higher-ups had to start thinking of ways to drum up new drama and publicity.  Most of the commenters agreed that it sounded like American Idol, but maybe it was The... Read more »

How 'The View' Is Driving Whoopi Goldberg Into Madness

Full Disclosure: I DVR The View everyday.  I put it on after the young’ns go down for their nap and watch it while I drink my mojitos and smoke my cigars (AKA eat lunch and catch up on the grand soap opera that is The Internet).  I like to nod my head in agreement with... Read more »