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'The Killing' Recap - El Diablo

The theme of this episode was “pissiness.”  In my notes, I wrote no fewer than seven times that so-and-so was pissed at so-and-so.  So let’s see who was pissed at whom. Councilwoman Ruth Whatever Lady is pissed at Councilman Darren Richmond – Even though Detective Sarah Linden promised Richmond that the story of Rosie Larsen’s... Read more »

Set Your DVR - The Killing

I had lofty goals to recap the two-hour season premiere of AMC’s The Killing (which airs again tonight at 8 PM), but then the baby woke up and I fell asleep and Butler showed up (barely) for the NCAA Finals and I didn’t finish the episode until Tuesday and then American Idol, so bah.  ... Read more »

Parental Retribution

I am going to write a recap of The Killing from last night (good stuff) once I finish the last fifteen minutes of the second episode, but first… It’s a good thing that a certain 14 lb. strawberry blonde hunk of meat has a sweet and smiley disposition because she has made it impossible for... Read more »