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Memorable TV Moments of 2011

Everyone has their “best of” lists and their “worst of” lists.  My “of” list consists of things that happened on TV in 2011 as I remember them from my brain. ‘Member when… …we didn’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen and everybody got pissed? …Ned lost his head? …Gus lost his face? …Whitney and her... Read more »

2011 Halloween Costume Guide - TV Edition

The Ringer Green Screen: Wear your finest yachting gear; strap a boat around your waist and a picture of the ocean behind you.  Heck, that's probably more legit boating than Sarah Michelle Gellar did during the filming of this scene.
You don’t want to go as regular Ron Swanson (so last year) or anyone from Glee (so 2009), so here are our freshy fresh costuming ideas for this year’s Halloween parties. What are your TV costume plans/suggestions?

'The Killing' Recap - Orpheus Descending

“Hey, Jamie, if you see the po-po, let me know.” As a fan of Lost, I’m a TV viewer who is familiar with not getting answers or, when I do get answers, getting unsatisfactory ones.  So, the end of The Killing last night, which provided a little of both, didn’t throw me into the depths... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - Beau Soleil

One episode left and we now know who our killer is…or do we? Ladies and Gentlemen, your murderer is…Councilman Darren Richmond Why it’s him:  His email handle is “Orpheus,” AKA the mythological Greek person who went down to Hades to bring his dead wife back. His wife is dead. He’s been trying to “bring her... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - Missing

I accidentally deleted all of my notes from Sunday night’s episode of The Killing.  But that’s OK.  It was pretty much a filler character episode that I probably would’ve loved if it had been broadcast in the beginning/middle of the season, not with three episodes left. Some notes: Kinda loving Holder right now.  If they... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - I'll Let You Know When I Get There

Well.  It looks as if my season-long belief that crazy Wormtail-like Belko would wind up being the killer has been murdered, just like Rosie Larsen so many weeks ago. Or maybe his seeming innocence is just another red herring in a season full of stinky fish.  This show has my head spinning. Let’s get to... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - Stonewalled

I’m finally getting around to writing a recap of this week’s episode of The Killing.  I blame the Bulls for my tardiness, obviously.  Let’s check in with our favorite game of whodunit, shall we? This week was all about good people doing bad things.  Who got on with their bad selves this week? Mitch: Mitch... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - What You Have Left

It’s been such a slow news day, I know you’ve been refreshing your browsers over and over again waiting for our recap of The Killing.  Well, here it goes. Today the focus is on bad parents.  Here’s the roster.  Alert child protective services: Sarah Linden: Not only is Sarah kind of maybe a bad parent... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - Super 8

Good afternoon!  It’s time for another recap of The Killing, and this time our focus is on…rebellion. Let’s find out who our rebels with/without causes were: Bennet (Rebellion: He flat out lied to the police): When Bennet arrived to work on Day 5 after Rosie Larsen was murdered, the crack detective team of Linden and... Read more »

'The Killing' Recap - A Soundless Echo

Last night was all about secrets — like the kind Gretchen Wieners hides in her hair.  Let’s see who was keeping what from whom. Rosie – Rosie, whose mother chastised Sarah Linden for thinking that Rosie might be hiding anything at all, was hiding lots of things.  She had cut herself off from her best... Read more »