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Thanksgiving 101: Talking politics at the table

Thanksgiving 101: Talking politics at the table
Everyone knows it’s Bad Idea Jeans to discuss politics at dinner, especially holiday dinner, because, when your guests are people with whom the only thing you have in common is DNA, things have a tendency to GET MESSY. The problem is, politics are on everyone’s mind right now. The world is going to Hell in... Read more »

7 Most Memorable TV Turkeys

Everybody Loves Raymond, "No Fat": On a health kick, Marie decides to make a tofu turkey for the Barone family Thanksgiving…with disastrous results.
With less than a week before Thanksgiving, I’ve started thinking about the meal ahead. What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? I hate green bean casserole, but I love canned cranberry jelly. I don’t even care what’s in it. I love green olives, but I won’t eat them if they’ve been touched by a gherkin.... Read more »

13 November Movies To "Carve" Into Before Thanksgiving

13 November Movies To "Carve" Into Before Thanksgiving
November is flanked by two months (October and December, for the calendar-challenged) that are big boons for the movie business. You’ve got your horror movies and your holiday movies. As a result, November kind of gets the shaft (even Thanksgiving films are few and far between). So, if you’re sick of the Halloween films, but... Read more »

Thanksgiving Movie Review Recap

TANGLED (****) Disney’s latest (and supposedly last) Princess movie follows admirably in the footsteps of studio stablemates like The Little Mermaid and Beauty in the Beast.  Like those movies, it is a charming, gorgeously animated picture, with bouncy musical numbers, lovable characters, and a strong emphasis on story.  The heroine here is Rapunzel, and she’s... Read more »

7 TV Things For Which I'm Grateful

Designers, Tim Gunn will not tolerate your pettiness.  And he will CALL YOU ON THAT SHIT, IVY!
It’s not yet Thanksgiving (though it seems like it has already passed based on how much Christmas paraphernalia is littering every single storefront — It’s not even HALLOWEEN yet, people!), but it’s never too soon to give thanks for some people and shows that have made the Fall TV Season somewhat interesting to behold. What... Read more »