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New Girl, "Basketsball," and allegiance to sports teams

New Girl, "Basketsball," and allegiance to sports teams
Last night on New Girl, Jess decided that she wanted to become better friends with Coach, who had recently moved back into the loft. Coach’s one great love is basketball, specifically the Pistons; and Jess figured that if she pretended to love” basketsball” and the Pistons, Coach would want to hang out with her. The... Read more »

If You Build It, They Will Come - How To Make espnW a Success and Not a Joke

I spent my ride home from Old Orchard today engaged in one of my new favorite pastimes — alternately nodding my head in agreement with or shouting in anger at Mike McConnell on WGN Radio.   Today involved mostly shouting.  The topic was ESPN’s proposed channel for women.  The new ESPN “sub-brand” plans to profit... Read more »

Go Dawgs! - Fun Facts About Basketball's New Darling

Hammervision is ever so proud that our tiny little alma mater has made it to the finals of the NCAA basketball tournament for the first time ever. Here are 10 Important Facts you need to know about Butler University that have nothing to do with the movie Hoosiers. 1. The Holcomb Observatory and Planetarium is... Read more »