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In Defense Of...MacGruber

In Defense Of...MacGruber
This is the sixth in a series of posts spotlighting the overlooked, underappreciated, and unfairly maligned movies of our time. ¬†Other films given the “In Defense Of” treatment so far include The Next Three Days, Multiplicity, Speed Racer, Meet Joe Black, and Alfie (2004). BY MATT CAMPOBASSO, special guest contributor to Hammervision Have you seen... Read more »

11 Outside-the-Box Halloween Costumes - TV and Movie Edition

John will be donning the hat, glasses, and 'stache to transform himself into Walter White's alter-ego this Halloween.
I recently saw a comment somewhere that the epitome of Halloween creativity this year would be showing up at a party dressed as Sue Sylvester.  This made me both proud and sad.  Proud because I went as Sue Sylvester last year, and ergo was a whole 365 days ahead of the curve; and sad because,... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/9/10

Friday night is so close you can taste it.  In the meantime, minimize your actual work and check out this fun linkage! has compiled a list of recent Emmy nominees who could be one step closer to EGOT with an Emmy win.  SHAMELESS PLUG: After that, you can check out my EGOT post from... Read more »