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24 Films of Christmas - One Week In

We’ve been adhering to our movie Advent calendar (if not to our promise to blog about each of the films).  After watching Christmas special after Christmas special I’ve come to a conclusion — most of these movies suck. I feel that the word “suck” applies most directly to the steaming pile of cynical corporate shilling... Read more »

Movie-Related Stockholm Syndrome

When my son was born, I promised myself and him that he was going to grow up watching good movies and none of the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel crap that was plaguing the theaters.  Things went well for a while.  I introduced him to most of the Pixar movies and the Muppet films... Read more »

Summer Movie Forecast 2010

Summer movie season is almost here (it begins May 7), and the excitement is palpable – at least here at Hammervision.  As an avid moviegoer, I know I’m supposed to get excited about the year-end releases because they’re usually of a higher caliber and more likely to be recognized come Oscar time.  But I was... Read more »