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New Fall TV: NBC Sitcoms (Go On, The New Normal, Men With Kids)

GO ON (Tuesdays, 8:00c on NBC). Is it nice to see Matthew Perry back on the small screen again? Yes. Is this the best possible vehicle for his unique talent? No. The cast is decent enough, but the show feels both too manic and too trite. And the laughs are sparse. Going up against New Girl and Happy Endings (in its new slot) will not help this show's survival (unless everyone in the world sticks around to watch this show after The Voice, in which case, go on with your bad self, Go On). But hopefully the show will be cancelled and Miss Chanandler Bong can focus on finding himself a decent cable dramedy on which he can provide some comic relief. Grade: C
TV is delicious. That was our placeholder text and I’m keeping it. We’re finally getting around to talking about the new NBC sitcoms, some of which you may have watched when they aired during the Olympics. I’ll say this about NBC, they know what the kids want! “What the kids want” being: MONKEYS! CHANDLER BING,... Read more »

FX's "American Horror Story" Is Batshit Crazy...In a Good Way...I Think...

FX's "American Horror Story" Is Batshit Crazy...In a Good Way...I Think...
AMERICAN HORROR STORY Genre: Horror, duh Airs: Wednesdays at 9pm central on FX Premise: Boston family of three (headed by mom Connie Britton and dad Dylan McDermott) relocate to a spooky house in L.A. to escape their troubled past, only to find a more sinister trouble inside their new house. Behind-The-Scenes: Creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy previously collaborated... Read more »