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American Idol Recap - Mo' Motown

The American Idol MVP Award, the most prestigious award we at Hammervision can bestow upon any single living person, goes tonight to Ms. Jennifer Lopez.  The lady offered valid, coherent critiques without using made-up words.  She slyly infused one of her critiques with the word “niche” knowing full well it would jog our memories and bring... Read more »

American Idol Recap - Let's Hear It for the Boys or Whatever

The early audition rounds are over and it’s time to get down to the meat and potatoes of American Idol.  And it’s time for me to start recapping again.   Here are my credentials: I’ve been writing about Idol since back when people thought American Idol: Taylor Hicks had a nice ring to it.  ... Read more »

American Idol: Stop It, Nigel

I’ll get to the real Idol recapping once the show gets whittled down to the Top 20 or whatever they’re doing.  After five years of blogging about American Idol, I just can’t anymore with these early audition rounds.  It’s always the same manufactured drama over and over and over and snooze. I do have a... Read more »

American Idol: The New Class

Last night was the season premiere of the tenth season of American Idol on FOX.  I had (OK, still have) lowered expectations going into this season.  I’m not a big gushing fan of either Jennifer Lopez or Steven Tyler (I blame her entire oeuvre for my feelings on the former and hearing “Jaded” on the... Read more »