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Friday Procrastination Aid - Friday the 13th...Oooooh!

Just a few more hours until work is over and you get to go home to wait for Jason to murder you in your very own bed. Grammar is fun!  And The Oatmeal makes it hilarious.  Today’s lesson?  i.e. vs. e.g. Tina Fey did a Chicago banking commercial back in the ’90s.  It looks a... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/30/10

It’s the last day of the week and the penultimate day of July.  To get through it, here are some handy links and videos, as Adam Lambert would say, for your entertainment. Jezebel.com has compiled some of the greatest pick-up lines ever (you might want to try some of these this weekend).  I’m a little... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/23/10

Was it just me or was the Internet kind of boring this week?  Maybe it just took a much-needed summer vacation, sailing with George Clooney off the coast of Italy. But I did find a few tidbits to help you through your Friday. The Onion has the gripping tale of a girl raised by a... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/16/10

You can do it!  Just a few more hours until freedom.  Until then… …You could spend time finding the love of your life on Hannidate. …Or you could watch the best cry ever, …And then watch it autotuned. …You could eat up a ton of time watching the Old Spice channel and tweeting questions to... Read more »

Hammervision Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/2/10

Hey! It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend.  No one’s doing any work.  Why not check out some of the best things on the Internet this week: Jason Segel gives his (really quite clever) opinions on how How I Met Your Mother should end. Check out the title of the new Final Destination movie and... Read more »