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Who's America's New Sweetheart?

WHY HER: She fits the mold of a quirky rom-com lead to a T. She already starred in the fabulous (and more prestigious) rom-com, 50 Days of Summer. She's acquitting herself quite nicely on her FOX sitcom, New Girl, and proving (with Jake Johnson) that she can do on-screen chemistry and do it well.

WHY NOT HER: A lot of people really, really don't like her for some reason. She might be too polarizing.
I discovered something very disturbing the other day. In 2013 there are no awful/amazing romantic comedies (OK, except this one, which looks horribly amazing and embarrassing for all involved) on the docket. None. Not a 27 Dresses, not a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, not even a Bride Wars. Nothing. How will... Read more »

What People Watched on New Year's Eve 2012

What People Watched on New Year's Eve 2012
Waking up this morning, I scoured Facebook to find out what people did with their New Year’s Eve. Since I’m of the age where most of my friends have small children and the grandparents are still young and mobile enough to want to have a New Year’s for themselves, it seemed as if everyone was... Read more »