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2011 Halloween Costume Guide - TV Edition

The Ringer Green Screen: Wear your finest yachting gear; strap a boat around your waist and a picture of the ocean behind you.  Heck, that's probably more legit boating than Sarah Michelle Gellar did during the filming of this scene.
You don’t want to go as regular Ron Swanson (so last year) or anyone from Glee (so 2009), so here are our freshy fresh costuming ideas for this year’s Halloween parties. What are your TV costume plans/suggestions?

Watch 'Parks & Recreation' - Soulmates

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Parks & Rec more than I already did, but then they went and matched up Leslie and Tom on  (In related news, how is not a real website?  Hoosiers need love too.  I mean, the ones who don’t marry their first cousins do,... Read more »

16 Very Special TV Bests and Worsts of 2010

Idol kind of really sucks now.  LOST is gone.  So is 24.  But next month, the employees of the Pawnee, IN Parks Department will be coming back into our homes.  And not a moment too soon!
It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reflect on the good times and the bad.  This is a list of the rousing successes and the epic failures of the TV year that was.

Golden Globes Nominees - TV

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  The nominees for the most overrated awards show since the last awards show have just been announced.  Here are your Golden Globe TV nominees (and a few reactions): Best TV Series — DramaBoardwalk EmpireDexterThe Good WifeMad MenThe Walking Dead Yikes. I am definitely on board with Mad Men in this category.... Read more »

Best of the Thursday Night TV Comedies (Part 1) - 5/6

Everyone was pretty much back on their games last night.  The Office was Le Suck, which is pretty par for the course these days.  The lameness of The Office was only emphasized by the fact that Community and Parks & Recreation delivered two of their best episodes of the season. Witness: Post-modern Disco Stu going... Read more »

Replacing Julia Sugarbaker

The death of Dixie Carter this weekend hit me hard.  I am one of a generation who grew up watching Designing Women (along with Murphy Brown) on Monday nights; so in a mere one-hour block of television, I had at my disposal an entire basketball team of female icons to emulate and to adore.  And... Read more »