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'Outlaw' Review - Justice Gone Rogue

Sometimes there are shows that touch us in ways that are so profound that we know we’ll never be the same after viewing them.  Sometimes there are shows that seem to reach out and grab the shoulder of America as if to say, “See?  I get it.  I’m listening.”  These are shows that teach us... Read more »

Weekly Fall TV Premiere Roundup - 9/13 - 9/19

If you watched HBO at all in the last several months you know all you need to know about this must-watch show of the fall: Scorsese, Sopranos people, Buscemi, Omar Little, Prohibition Era-debauchery.
I kind of can’t believe we’re already in mid-September.  Yikes.   But the Fall TV season is still just getting underway.  John and I get another light week before next week’s onslaught of new TV programming that will either kill us or make us stronger.   There are only two new new shows this week:... Read more »