Why Do You Watch TV?

Why Do You Watch TV?
I tweeted something last week that keeps getting retweeted. It’s not bragging if it’s fact. What I tweeted was, “If #TheRiver had any character development AT ALL I might care that a monster is out to kill these folks. As it stands, I’m on Team Monster.” Anyway, the reason I’m pointing this out is because The River... Read more »

8 Questions about 'Live To Dance'

A few questions about Live To Dance, a TV show I will never, ever watch again ever. 1. Is Paula Abdul really that much of a draw?  I mean, I am one of the biggest American Idol fiends out there, but she was never even so much of a blip on my consciousness during her... Read more »

Your Night in Television - Tuesday, 11/09/2010

Glee (FOX, 7 PM) – The Glee kids are practicing their own brand of safe sex. Why do I sense a Family Guy rip-off?  Ear sex, anyone? No Ordinary Family (ABC, 7 PM) – Cybill Shepherd Alert! The Biggest Loser (NBC, 7 PM) – Spend two riveting hours watching the contestants stack sugar cubes.  (Seriously.... Read more »

Replacing Julia Sugarbaker

The death of Dixie Carter this weekend hit me hard.  I am one of a generation who grew up watching Designing Women (along with Murphy Brown) on Monday nights; so in a mere one-hour block of television, I had at my disposal an entire basketball team of female icons to emulate and to adore.  And... Read more »