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TV Review - 'Lone Star'

I was right!  Lone Star is pretty much what would’ve happened if James “Sawyer” Ford had never crashed on the island and was being blackmailed by Anthony Cooper and was pulling a Bill Henrickson with the whole multiple wives thing.  Plus, it’s like Dallas but set in Houston! The Good: Lots of potential here!  The lead... Read more »

Fall TV Preview - The Week Hammervision May Implode from TV Consumption

'Blue Bloods' is a cop show, but a FAMILY DRAMA cop show.  And it stars Magnum P.I.  But if it's such a promising show, why is it on Friday nights?  Hmmm...?
It’s TV Hell Week this week.  There are no fewer than 16 new shows on this week, including 5 on Monday and 4 on Wednesday (that’s not to mention all the returning shows and continuing shows).  I hope our DVRs are up to the task. So, if we survive it all with our mental faculties... Read more »