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Get Your Blizzard On: 16 Films That Are Essential to Your Snow Survival

And sometimes those creatures are NAZI ZOMBIES.
Snowmageddon is upon us.  What will you do while you wait in your house with no heat and no electricity and only a single can of expired pinto beans for sustenance?  How will you pass the time as you wait for the zombies to come and make a meal out of you? Why, you’ll watch... Read more »

Top 5 Harry Potter Disappointments

One of the best things about the book 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' is all the new mythology and backstory.  We don't get enough of that in the movie, though I understand it would be difficult to put all of that on screen.  I think what I'm trying to say is that we didn't get enough Lupin.  Because Lupin is foxy.
As I said in my previous post about Harry Potter CGI fails, I am a huge fan of the books, but the Harry Potter movies have left me a little dissatisfied.  I’m not trying to be too nitpicky.  I understand and accept that the books and movies are two separate entities and that the books... Read more »

8 TV Things For Which I'm NOT Grateful

I predicted in my post about TV things for which I am grateful that the negative list would be lengthier.  It’s only one.  One more lengthy.  I must be in a good mood or something. What’s bothering you on TV these days?

7 TV Things For Which I'm Grateful

Designers, Tim Gunn will not tolerate your pettiness.  And he will CALL YOU ON THAT SHIT, IVY!
It’s not yet Thanksgiving (though it seems like it has already passed based on how much Christmas paraphernalia is littering every single storefront — It’s not even HALLOWEEN yet, people!), but it’s never too soon to give thanks for some people and shows that have made the Fall TV Season somewhat interesting to behold. What... Read more »

Film Essentials: "America[n]" Movies

10. AN AMERICAN TAIL. Boy, did those mice ever have it wrong.  They were all excited about moving to America because, apparently, word on the street was that there would be no cats in America.  Maybe instead of cats, Fievel should have been more concerned about rogue waves, so that he wouldn't have been separated from his family.  Instead though, the separation gives him a once-in-a-lifetime tour of a young America, courtesy of some animal friends, both fowl and feline.  This was essential viewing back in 1986 - the animation is a little dated now, but the story is as strong as ever.
The list of films with the word “America” in the title are as varied as the citizens of this nation.  To celebrate our country’s independence and its diversity, we’ve compiled a list of essential films that range from cute to creepy, from hilarious to heart-wrenching, from stirring to sickening, but all uniquely “American.”

Happy Father's Day! - The Worst Dads of Film and Television

He's allowed his son to live under the same roof as Charlie Sheen for seven years.
Normally as we head into Father’s Day, we take the time to remember the fathers who have touched our lives in positive, constructive, loving ways.  That’s not this list.  This is the list of some of the worst dads ever to appear on your TV or movie screens.  This list is by no means comprehensive,... Read more »

The Hottest Guys on LOST

Nerve.com went an ranked the 40 hottest guys on LOST.  If you’ve never watched the show before, these photos might provide all the incentive you need. Just a few thoughts on Nerve.com’s rankings: