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Watch Lady Gaga's New Video - "Edge of Glory"

I kind of love this throwback to the ’90s, when every video was just the singer performing in three different locations.  A few thoughts: If you’re gonna sing in three different places for three different cameras, you should at least don three different fabulous outfits (though I don’t blame her for wanting to wear that... Read more »

American Idol Recap - Bleh and Flurgh

Is Idol over yet?  I mean, seriously.  This show is just about the worst thing on television right now, or at least the worst thing I watch.  I never watch anything on either MTV or TLC, so my scope is limited.  I do watch America’s Next Top Model, though.  It’s kind of a secret (or... Read more »

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour Invaded the United Center Last Night

And I actually went. I haven’t been to a concert in a long time.  My last concert might have been Sigur Ros at the Riv several years ago, and I fell asleep at that show. I did not fall asleep at the Lady Gaga concert, because sleep would’ve been impossible with all off the bass... Read more »