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10 Other Historical Figures Who Would've Definitely Been Beliebers

10 Other Historical Figures Who Would've Definitely Been Beliebers
Justin Bieber thinks that Anne Frank was such a great girl and he thinks she would’ve been a “Belieber,” if she had not, you know, died and stuff many, many years before Justin Bieber and his saggy pants came into the world.  But, I mean, it’s silly to argue. Of course Anne Frank would’ve been... Read more »

9 Questions About the American Idol Results Show

1. I have a lot of questions; so let’s get going, shall we? I’m limiting your questions tonight.  The tipoff for the Butler game is in about 40 minutes. 2. I was just kidding.  I have no questions. None? 3. OK, one.  Why was Lauren Alaina wearing cowboy boots with her perfectly adorable, if inappropriately... Read more »

Movie Review - Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D

Hey folks – Hammer here.  I’m not even sure if the “Bieber” is still in theaters these days, but it sounds like we may just have a winner here.  That is, until Jaden Smith inevitably shows up for his title song duet with the Biebs.  Still, I don’t think I can shell out $13 bucks... Read more »

Pop Culture Blind Spots

True Confessions Time.  Get ready to come clean. Saturday night, John and I were out to dinner with friends and the conversation turned to horror movies.  Now, I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day, but when everyone started to discuss the Nightmare on Elm Street series I had to just smile and... Read more »