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How you react to The Dress reveals more than just how your eyes work

How you react to The Dress reveals more than just how your eyes work
Yesterday was a weird day on the internet. Things were normal, but then I stepped away for a while to pick up my kids. When I returned, my Twitter feed was full of llama talk. Like, literally every post was llama-related. I backtracked to see what was going on, and apparently some llamas escaped from... Read more »

Tuesday, Tuesday. Internet Cruise Day.

It’s the day after Labor Day, and I’m still on weekend time. So, let’s talk about favorite websites. Here are Hammervision’s daily hits: Crazy Days and Nights: I realize probably 75% of this website is bullhonky, but it’s fun to read the blind items and imagine them as truth. Because real life is dull. Lainey... Read more »

Hooray for the Internet!

I’m caught in a writing limbo where I’m waiting to hear back on submissions for one manuscript, editing another, and plotting a third (I’m a hardcore plotter. Plotting is my business, in the same way balls are Susan Sarandon’s business. Project Runway inside joke.) But instead of working diligently on all the things upon which... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/23/10

Was it just me or was the Internet kind of boring this week?  Maybe it just took a much-needed summer vacation, sailing with George Clooney off the coast of Italy. But I did find a few tidbits to help you through your Friday. The Onion has the gripping tale of a girl raised by a... Read more »

Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/9/10

Friday night is so close you can taste it.  In the meantime, minimize your actual work and check out this fun linkage! Movieline.com has compiled a list of recent Emmy nominees who could be one step closer to EGOT with an Emmy win.  SHAMELESS PLUG: After that, you can check out my EGOT post from... Read more »

Hammervision Friday Procrastination Aid - 7/2/10

Hey! It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend.  No one’s doing any work.  Why not check out some of the best things on the Internet this week: Jason Segel gives his (really quite clever) opinions on how How I Met Your Mother should end. Check out the title of the new Final Destination movie and... Read more »