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I'll Never Let You Go: Clothes I Just Can't Part With

I got this shirt when I registered for classes before my freshman year of college. Please note the lack of armpit. I still wear this shirt during basketball season (with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, I'm not *that* uncouth). CLASSY.
Yesterday Baby Cookies got into my dresser and found a beautiful sparkly coral shirt that I wore often in my 20s. It was my “all-occasions” sparkly shirt and subsequent pregnancies and body changes have rendered it obsolete. But I hold onto hope that SOMEDAY, maybe with the help of Fat Club, I will fit into... Read more »

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs
Pretty much the only topics of conversation right now in the Hammervision household are the Butler Bulldogs (Go Dawgs!) and the fact that, despite John’s bitching about me wasting $10 to fill out a bracket pretty much alphabetically, I have been in first place in our pool since Friday (Go…Arizona…?) Even the Big Love finale... Read more »