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6 TV Actors Whose Deaths Were Written Into Their Shows

6 TV Actors Whose Deaths Were Written Into Their Shows
Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room this weekend at age 31. While his character played a lesser role on the show in recent seasons (because sometimes people graduate from high school and stop participating in glee club; Glee is all about reality), he had remained a series regular on the... Read more »

Memorable TV Moments of 2011

Everyone has their “best of” lists and their “worst of” lists.  My “of” list consists of things that happened on TV in 2011 as I remember them from my brain. ‘Member when… …we didn’t find out who killed Rosie Larsen and everybody got pissed? …Ned lost his head? …Gus lost his face? …Whitney and her... Read more »

FX's "American Horror Story" Is Batshit Crazy...In a Good Way...I Think...

FX's "American Horror Story" Is Batshit Crazy...In a Good Way...I Think...
AMERICAN HORROR STORY Genre: Horror, duh Airs: Wednesdays at 9pm central on FX Premise: Boston family of three (headed by mom Connie Britton and dad Dylan McDermott) relocate to a spooky house in L.A. to escape their troubled past, only to find a more sinister trouble inside their new house. Behind-The-Scenes: Creators Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy previously collaborated... Read more »

Your Night in Television - Tuesday, 11/09/2010

Glee (FOX, 7 PM) – The Glee kids are practicing their own brand of safe sex. Why do I sense a Family Guy rip-off?  Ear sex, anyone? No Ordinary Family (ABC, 7 PM) – Cybill Shepherd Alert! The Biggest Loser (NBC, 7 PM) – Spend two riveting hours watching the contestants stack sugar cubes.  (Seriously.... Read more »

8 TV Things For Which I'm NOT Grateful

I predicted in my post about TV things for which I am grateful that the negative list would be lengthier.  It’s only one.  One more lengthy.  I must be in a good mood or something. What’s bothering you on TV these days?

13 Things We Loved and Hated About the Series Premiere of 'Hellcats'

Welcome to the first installment of Hammervision Does All the New TV Shows.  On the docket tonight is Hellcats, which is pretty much Glee-goes-to-college plus cheerleaders and minus Jane Lynch and Mr. Schu’s rapping. Things We Loved: The lead, Alyson Michalka, brings the right notes of Jo Polniaczek sarcasm and tom-boyishness to her performance. DB... Read more »

Emmypalooza 2010 - Emmy Predictions

      The 2010 Emmy Awards telecast airs Sunday, August 29th on NBC.  I’ll be Tweetering my way through the telecast, groaning every time Glee wins an award and taking power naps through the Mini-Series and Made-For-TV Movie categories (Yawn! Another award for the overrated The Pacific. Yawn!) But the time for sour grapes... Read more »

The 1st Annual Hammer Awards for Achievement in Television

Jerem from 30 Rock.  Best line: "That's not that much cheese."
The regular TV season is behind us, but there’s still time to reminisce before we dive head-first into So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood.   Here are our picks for some of the best (and worst) TV moments of the past season. SPOILERS abound, so beware.

MCHammerCast: Episode 12 - Must-See TV Finales and Premieres

After taking last week off, Matt and John are at it again.  This week, we’re discussing the must-see television season/series finales and premieres leading into this summer.  What should you watch?  Tune in and find out.  Get the podcast on iTunes or at

An Open Letter To Glee (from someone who cares)

Dear Glee, Welcome back!  It’s hard to believe that nearly a full year has gone by and we’re still only in your first season, or whatever passes for a season on television these days.  But enough small talk.  I’m making like a patient on Grey’s Anatomy right now, and hitting you with the cold, hard truth. ... Read more »