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A Dear John Letter for "Chicago Code"

A Dear John Letter for "Chicago Code"
Dear Chicago Code, We need to talk.  It’s not you; it’s probably me. I mean, millions of people hang on your every word.  You look amazing.  My parents totally love you.  Maybe that’s part of the problem. Also, I think I’ve been ruined by ghosts of TV shows past.  I’ve had the real thing, Chicago... Read more »

16 Very Special TV Bests and Worsts of 2010

Idol kind of really sucks now.  LOST is gone.  So is 24.  But next month, the employees of the Pawnee, IN Parks Department will be coming back into our homes.  And not a moment too soon!
It’s the end of the year and it’s time to reflect on the good times and the bad.  This is a list of the rousing successes and the epic failures of the TV year that was.

Your Night in Television - Thursday, 11/11/2010

Bones (FOX, 7 PM) – Apparently the Bones folks discover a cruise ship that likes to pair up Harolds with their Maudes.  The Big Bang Theory (CBS, 7 PM) – The girls throw a slumber party!  What’s the over/under on the number of inappropriate pillow fight comments to tumble forth from Howard’s mouth? 30 Rock... Read more »

Your TV Tonight - 11/4/2010

I tried to pimp Fringe and Community two weeks ago, but Fringe wasn’t on and Community delivered its worst episode this season.   So I’m going to try it again today and hope for the best.   Tonight on Community, the Greendale gang takes on Mean Girls.  And, if this means anything at all to... Read more »

Your Thursday Night TV Conscience

There are two shows on TV tonight that are in danger of being cancelled, and unfortunately they are two of the very best shows on television right now. The first show is Community.  It’s on at 7:00 on NBC.  So, for a change, DVR Big Bang Theory and instead watch Joel McHale, Danny Pudi, and... Read more »

11 Outside-the-Box Halloween Costumes - TV and Movie Edition

John will be donning the hat, glasses, and 'stache to transform himself into Walter White's alter-ego this Halloween.
I recently saw a comment somewhere that the epitome of Halloween creativity this year would be showing up at a party dressed as Sue Sylvester.  This made me both proud and sad.  Proud because I went as Sue Sylvester last year, and ergo was a whole 365 days ahead of the curve; and sad because,... Read more »

The 1st Annual Hammer Awards for Achievement in Television

Jerem from 30 Rock.  Best line: "That's not that much cheese."
The regular TV season is behind us, but there’s still time to reminisce before we dive head-first into So You Think You Can Dance and True Blood.   Here are our picks for some of the best (and worst) TV moments of the past season. SPOILERS abound, so beware.

MCHammerCast: Episode 12 - Must-See TV Finales and Premieres

After taking last week off, Matt and John are at it again.  This week, we’re discussing the must-see television season/series finales and premieres leading into this summer.  What should you watch?  Tune in and find out.  Get the podcast on iTunes or at popculturevultures.com.