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Facebook Etiquette: Stop Spreading the News

Facebook Etiquette: Stop Spreading the News
Dear Emily Posts of Social Media, I witnessed something this weekend that got me thinking about Facebook etiquette and the dispensing of Big News. Here’s the gist. Two people experienced a big life event (engagement) on Friday night. Before either of the involved parties had a chance (read: had recovered from their hangovers enough) to... Read more »

Facebook has its foot on our collective throat

Or something. I don’t even know. It’s my birthday, and I’m too full of the promise of cake to really contemplate this whole mess. Apparently Facebook has “algorithmed” “things,” which means if you like Hammervision (and/or most other blog or business pages), Facebook is hiding posts from you. This was supposed to cut down on... Read more »

Death on the Internet

So, that was jarring. I was all set to write a silly post about a mix tape I found in the car over the weekend (I’ll still write about that later, don’t worry), when I hopped on Facebook for a moment. I scrolled through the likes and the pictures and the gobbledygook and then I... Read more »

Movie Review - The Social Network (*****)

The Social Network.  121 mins.  PG-13.  Directed by David Fincher.  Written by Aaron Sorkin.  Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, and Rooney Mara. Sometimes you don’t know you’re watching a great movie until it’s over.  Sometimes it hits you midway through.  And sometimes you know within the first few minutes.  The Social... Read more »