Emmypalooza 2010 - Emmy Predictions

      The 2010 Emmy Awards telecast airs Sunday, August 29th on NBC.  I’ll be Tweetering my way through the telecast, groaning every time Glee wins an award and taking power naps through the Mini-Series and Made-For-TV Movie categories (Yawn! Another award for the overrated The Pacific. Yawn!) But the time for sour grapes... Read more »

How 'The View' Is Driving Whoopi Goldberg Into Madness

Full Disclosure: I DVR The View everyday.  I put it on after the young’ns go down for their nap and watch it while I drink my mojitos and smoke my cigars (AKA eat lunch and catch up on the grand soap opera that is The Internet).  I like to nod my head in agreement with... Read more »