1. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.  I had my doubts that it was too early to reboot the Spider-Man franchise, but I liked the casting and early footage looked good, so my Spidey fandom got the better of me.  This new film pales in comparison to the first two Sam Raimi Spider-Mans.  Marc Webb lacks a compelling vision, the script leaves plot threads dangling (hello?!  What happened to the "untold story"?), and the Lizard makes for one lame-ass villain.  Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are likeable together though, so maybe there's room for improvement in the inevitable sequel.
If you build up expectations, chances are you’re going to be disappointed more often than not.  This year is no exception.  Many  highly anticipated movies have come and gone, leaving a wake of missed opportunities and disheartened fans.  Here are five movies (and one special mention) that let me down this year, for one reason... Read more »