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ChicagoNow TV Tandem Podcast #14: Game of Thrones and Mad Men

One day I will learn how to do fancy things with my recording software, like “edit” and “not press record instead of play, thus erasing seconds of precious TV analysis.” But today is not that day. I’d apologize for the hiccups, but that’s just part of the beauty of free, unsolicited internet commentary. This week,... Read more »

Our Blog is Getting a Facelift This Evening

The bandages are coming off tonight; and by tomorrow, our blog will have undergone surgery not seen since the likes of Faye Dunaway (hopefully with more aesthetically pleasing results).   Don’t be scared.  I assure you, you are very safe.  ChicagoNow is just switching over to WordPress, no big deal, Mom.  Change is good. For... Read more »