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Movie Review - Cars 2 (*** out of 5)

CARS 2.  112 mins.  G.  Directed by John Lasseter & Brad Lewis.  Written by Ben Queen. Cars is easily my least favorite of all the Pixar movies, but hey, it sells a ton of merchandise and the kids seem to like it so a sequel was almost inevitable.  Luckily, the people at Pixar recognize, unlike... Read more »

Poster Preview: Cars 2 cribs from James Bond

I don’t know about you, but of Pixar’s 10 animated films, I think that 2006’s Cars is by far the weakest of all of them.  Hyper-edited in parts, overly sentimental in others, it’s the one Pixar movie that feels the most…pedestrian.  Needless to say then, I wasn’t eagerly anticipating a sequel.  But leave it to... Read more »