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'American Idol' Non-Cap

Consider this my little one woman protest against the train wreck that American Idol has become this season.  No.  Train wrecks are interesting.  What is the dullest possible thing imaginable?  Watching paint dry is too trite.  Watching paint dry while being forced to listen to watered down versions of America’s favorite country/pop/rock songs followed by... Read more »

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs

March Madness Fever: '90s TV Theme Songs
Pretty much the only topics of conversation right now in the Hammervision household are the Butler Bulldogs (Go Dawgs!) and the fact that, despite John’s bitching about me wasting $10 to fill out a bracket pretty much alphabetically, I have been in first place in our pool since Friday (Go…Arizona…?) Even the Big Love finale... Read more »

Movie Essentials: March Madness Edition

Movie Essentials: March Madness Edition
We’ve got a basketball jones! With the impressive Bulls playing like the team I grew up hating as a kid in Michigan (though I’m a fan now) and with March Madness just around the corner (go Butler!), Hammervision is highlighting the “essential” basketball movies.  Now, before you get all hot and bothered and say, “but... Read more »

(162) Days of Ron Santo

I made the all-important radio dial switch to WGN during the fall of 2002.  It was one of my first big grown-up moments.   Not long after I became a WGN devotee, the news around the Chicago sports world started to be that Dusty Baker had been tapped to be the new Cubs manager.  I... Read more »

Let's Hear It for the Bulls

I felt icky watching the one-hour episode of the new reality television show, King James’ Court, last night on ESPN.  I felt like I was watching one of E!’s “let’s make this person a celebrity now!” “reality” “programs,” and I could just feel the palpable ego and man-boy complex emanating from my TV screen.  ... Read more »