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2012 Summer Movie Forecast: Boldly Predicting the 10 Biggest Hits

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (July 20).  Though it will be hard to top the pop cultural watershed of 2008's The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan's trilogy capper will aim to do just that.  This should prove to be THE movie of the summer.  Will we be able to understand Tom Hardy's Bane?  Will Anne Hathaway's casting as Catwoman prove fatal?  None of that will matter as long as Nolan sticks the landing here.  And, really, who has any reason to doubt him at this point?  Projected Gross: $450 million.
This will mark the third year that I bravely (or is it stupidly?) try to predict this summer’s box office winners.  I’m not saying these are going to be the best movies of the summer, just the biggest hits.  These are the movies you’re going to be hearing about all summer – or at least... Read more »

Summer Movie Forecast 2011

Summer Movie Forecast 2011
The summer movie season kicks off earlier than usual this year with this weekend’s release of Fast Five, the fifth entry in the remarkably long-lived Fast and the Furious franchise.  I don’t know about you, but I live for summer movies.  Sure, many of them disappoint, but it’s still fun to get excited about them... Read more »

Summer Movie Forecast 2010

Summer movie season is almost here (it begins May 7), and the excitement is palpable – at least here at Hammervision.  As an avid moviegoer, I know I’m supposed to get excited about the year-end releases because they’re usually of a higher caliber and more likely to be recognized come Oscar time.  But I was... Read more »