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Top 10 Least Sexy "Sexy" Male Movie Characters

Top 10 Least Sexy "Sexy" Male Movie Characters
Fellow ChicagoNow blog, Lists That Actually Matter, posted recently about the least sexy female characters.  I was inspired to give the guys equal time.  And then some.  Because I love thinking about things that make me want to puke all afternoon. Get ready to be sooo turned…off. One of my friends suggested Mr. Big from Sex and... Read more »

It's Not TV. It's H-Bore-O.

It’s Not TV.  It’s HBO.  That’s the saying, and it’s been the saying for years now.  The fact that a show is on HBO signals a certain kind of quality – content-wise and in terms of production values.  I can’t really argue with either.  On paper, everything HBO does is top notch.  No, it’s the... Read more »

Fall TV Preview - 9/26 - 10/3

I'm not sure why exactly NBC had to cancel 'Law & Order: Original Flavor' only to bring on this spin-off, but the cast is fairly star-studded.  You've got your Terrence Howard and your Alfred Molina and your Regina Hall and your (Yes!) Skeet Ulrich.
Phew.  After last week, watching all the new shows on TV this week will be a breeze.  There are only TWO!  I don’t even know what I’ll do with all the extra time.  Maybe watch Dancing With the Stars. The new shows this week are No Ordinary Family on ABC and Law & Order: Los... Read more »

TV Review - Boardwalk Empire (# 1.1)

BOARDWALK EMPIRE Airs: Sundays at 9/8c on HBO Genre: Historical gangster drama The Set-Up: Atlantic City 1920.  It’s the dawn of Prohibition, and treasurer by day/gangster by night Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) has big plans to rule the city by selling bootleg liquor at a marked-up price.  Nucky’s got everything in place – ward bosses,... Read more »

Weekly Fall TV Premiere Roundup - 9/13 - 9/19

If you watched HBO at all in the last several months you know all you need to know about this must-watch show of the fall: Scorsese, Sopranos people, Buscemi, Omar Little, Prohibition Era-debauchery.
I kind of can’t believe we’re already in mid-September.  Yikes.   But the Fall TV season is still just getting underway.  John and I get another light week before next week’s onslaught of new TV programming that will either kill us or make us stronger.   There are only two new new shows this week:... Read more »