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Stuck at Home Mom - How to Make the Most of Being a Blizzard Shut-In

Author and saucy blogstress Tawna Fenske wrote recently about tackling a monster to-do list.  I loved all of her suggestions, and I’ve decided to employ them all today while stuck at home with two kids and a car that is imprisoned in our garage until spring, probably.  There will be no vanity trips to Starbucks... Read more »

Get Your Blizzard On: 16 Films That Are Essential to Your Snow Survival

And sometimes those creatures are NAZI ZOMBIES.
Snowmageddon is upon us.  What will you do while you wait in your house with no heat and no electricity and only a single can of expired pinto beans for sustenance?  How will you pass the time as you wait for the zombies to come and make a meal out of you? Why, you’ll watch... Read more »