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Top 10 K Names for Kim Kardashian and Kanye's Kid

Top 10 K Names for Kim Kardashian and Kanye's Kid
They’ll probably surprise us all and name the baby Jane or Jim, but on the likely chance that Kim Kardashian and Kanye give their baby a K name, here are some krazy killer ones to consider, sorry, konsider. Kadeem Hardison West (Kanye could announce the birth with flip-up sunglasses. It would be amazing.) Kale (so... Read more »

$#*! My Daughter Says

Most Used Words 18-month-old Baby Cookies Mommy Dada Milk Ball Sticker Whoa Yeah Uh-oh Boo-boo Pickle Ostrich Pop-POP (as said by Magnitude on the TV show Community) Words Cookies Has No Use For Her own name Her brother’s name No

I'll Never Let You Go: Clothes I Just Can't Part With

I got this shirt when I registered for classes before my freshman year of college. Please note the lack of armpit. I still wear this shirt during basketball season (with a long-sleeved shirt underneath, I'm not *that* uncouth). CLASSY.
Yesterday Baby Cookies got into my dresser and found a beautiful sparkly coral shirt that I wore often in my 20s. It was my “all-occasions” sparkly shirt and subsequent pregnancies and body changes have rendered it obsolete. But I hold onto hope that SOMEDAY, maybe with the help of Fat Club, I will fit into... Read more »

How Are Your New Year's Resolutions Doing? - 6 Month Check-Up

I had a lot of lofty goals for the new year. I was going to lose the baby weight. I was going to get an literary agent. I was going to start running. Here’s how I’m doing: If you haven’t lost the baby weight by the time the kid is 9 months old? FUNNY! Cute,... Read more »

Writing...With Children: Time Crunch

Hi, friends. I know I’ve been a little lax in my blogging lately and my brand new “Three Weeks Into January” resolution is to start blogging each and every day, even if what I blog about is not TV related. So, I’ve mentioned this before: my secret novel-writing shame. I’ve been working on a few... Read more »

Books for Little Girls

Sitting at the Barnes & Noble today, I was struck by how many “girl” books are about fairies and brides and princesses and girls with no ambitions aside from landing a man. And these are books for LITTLE, little girls, like toddlers. Since I’d like my daughter to grow up hoping for more than just... Read more »

Parental Retribution

I am going to write a recap of The Killing from last night (good stuff) once I finish the last fifteen minutes of the second episode, but first… It’s a good thing that a certain 14 lb. strawberry blonde hunk of meat has a sweet and smiley disposition because she has made it impossible for... Read more »

Butler, The Final Four, and Conceiving My Daughter

Butler, The Final Four, and Conceiving My Daughter
This is not the story of some seedy hotel room in Indianapolis.  Far from it.  This is the story of me, a sterile operating room, and my fifth cycle of in vitro fertilization. I always knew I was going to have fertility issues, based on no grounds whatsoever.  Just something in the back of my... Read more »

7 Things You Definitely Need for Your New Baby

All I want is double stroller that's not double wide that has enough room to hold several shopping bags and that will fit down the aisles of my local grocery store and is substantial enough to use on long walks and will hold my son's weight for a few more years and also holds my daughter's car seat and is easy and lightweight enough for me to quickly fold it up and shove it into the trunk with minimal swearing.  Oh and a good freaking cup holder that will accommodate a venti chai from Starbucks.  Is that too much to ask?  I'll let you know if the new stroller I've picked out is "the one."
If only we all could possess the same smug wisdom that comes with a second child when we’re making out our registry list for the first kid.   Hammervision made an exciting trek out to Buy Buy Baby this weekend (a store I have come to despise over the past few years, but more about... Read more »

My Daughter is Not a "Pretty" Girl

The other day I put a perfectly lovely outfit on the girl child.  It was just a red top with black and white leggings.  Super cute.  Whatever.   She was wearing the outfit for several hours before I noticed on her wrist a tiny little patch, almost imperceptible, a subliminal message of sorts.  You never... Read more »