WHY HER: She fits the mold of a quirky rom-com lead to a T. She already starred in the fabulous (and more prestigious) rom-com, 50 Days of Summer. She's acquitting herself quite nicely on her FOX sitcom, New Girl, and proving (with Jake Johnson) that she can do on-screen chemistry and do it well.

WHY NOT HER: A lot of people really, really don't like her for some reason. She might be too polarizing.
I discovered something very disturbing the other day. In 2013 there are no awful/amazing romantic comedies (OK, except this one, which looks horribly amazing and embarrassing for all involved) on the docket. None. Not a 27 Dresses, not a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, not even a Bride Wars. Nothing. How will... Read more »