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American Idol Recap - A Lusky Stank or Just Plain Stink?

Last night was my favorite American Idol theme night: Birth Year Night!  Why is that my favorite night?  I have no idea, because it always ends up being a huge downer. 1) It makes me feels like a giant old to discover that some of the Idol contestants were in the hospital being born while... Read more »

Film Essentials: "America[n]" Movies

10. AN AMERICAN TAIL. Boy, did those mice ever have it wrong.  They were all excited about moving to America because, apparently, word on the street was that there would be no cats in America.  Maybe instead of cats, Fievel should have been more concerned about rogue waves, so that he wouldn't have been separated from his family.  Instead though, the separation gives him a once-in-a-lifetime tour of a young America, courtesy of some animal friends, both fowl and feline.  This was essential viewing back in 1986 - the animation is a little dated now, but the story is as strong as ever.
The list of films with the word “America” in the title are as varied as the citizens of this nation.  To celebrate our country’s independence and its diversity, we’ve compiled a list of essential films that range from cute to creepy, from hilarious to heart-wrenching, from stirring to sickening, but all uniquely “American.”