Oprah should be president

Oprah should be president

Since the last election, I've been very anti celebrities thinking they can be president. (Or not necessarily the celebrities themselves thinking they have the stuff, but the public at large--usually on Twitter--deciding that this person is the answer to all our problems, because reasons. So-and-so/So-and-so 2020 is the new #TrueDetectiveSeason2. And we all know how True Detective Season 2 turned out.)

But after Oprah's speech last night at the Golden Globes, I have to say, I can see it. I don't know her policy positions--though I can guess--but she certainly has the temperament.

Oprah is not merely a celebrity. She's not *just* an actress or "good at Instagram." She has bonafides. Also, she's absolutely the anti-Trump. Here's why I'm not pooh-poohing the idea of Oprah atop the Democratic ticket in 2020, assuming she wants the job. (Which she might not, in which case, you do you, Oprah. Get that Oscar. Lie on that beach. You've earned it.)

1. She's the key to reaching those elusive, mythical "Trump voters who voted for Obama." They allegedly picked Trump because they thought he'd shake things up, make things better for them. Oprah is a literal fairy godmother. If these folks could believe that an orange Dunning-Kruger ogre could make their lives better, they'll have no problem believing a woman who once gifted a roomful of viewers their own car might be able to improve their situations.

2. We already know everything there is to know about Oprah. After decades in the public eye, with her personally evolving--trying, failing, succeeding--on our TVs every day, we all know Oprah. There's not much any oppo research could find that'd shock us.

3. She is everything Trump isn't, and nothing he is. Oprah is intellectually curious. She reads. She seeks guidance from folks who know more than she does. (Maybe she picks the wrong guru sometimes, but I'd like to believe she learns from her mistakes.)  She's a uniter. She's the perfect antidote to Trump and his worst nightmare--she's a smarter, more successful, more popular businessperson, who is also black and a woman.

4. She will surround herself with the actual best people. While Trump had to settle for those willing to work with him, Oprah will have her pick of cabinet members. Who wouldn't want to be Oprah's national security advisor?

5. Stedman would be a great first gent. He's been training for this job most of his adult life.

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