Baby, It's Cold Outside--Movies to watch with your kids this winter

Baby, It's Cold Outside--Movies to watch with your kids this winter

It's supposed to warm up here in Chicago tomorrow, but oh well. It'll get cold again. For the past few years we've been hosting "Family Movie Night" at our house. We each take turns choosing movies, and no one can argue with the choices. When it's your pick, it's YOUR PICK, hence the reason why we were stuck watching a bunch of Transformers movies this year.

They aren't all awful Michael Bay movies, though. Some are downright great, and some are just good, fun flicks to watch with other people. Here are some good ones to check out with the fam this winter.

The Truman Show: This one was my pick. (I'm, like, really smart.) The Truman Show, if you haven't seen it in a while, HOLDS UP. And it's rated PG, totally appropriate for basically everyone.

That Thing You Do: (I also picked this one.) So fun, so cute, and you can all dance together to the titular song afterwards.

Paddington: The new one comes out soon. Check out the first movie, if you missed it in theaters a few years ago. This one is great for both kids and adults.

Apollo 13: I'll credit John for this pick. We watched it right after seeing Hidden Figures, which you should also add to the list, if you missed it last year--a great one-two Space Race punch.

The Birds: Our first Hitchcock as a family, and one I used to watch a lot as a kid. We had fun watching this film, and got a few inside jokes out of it. The effects don't quite hold up, and there's the whole thing of how if Tippi Hedren didn't look like Tippi Hedren, she wouldn't be getting away with being such a stalker, but it's a classic, and it's fun.

Enchanted: This one is such a cute movie, and is kind of the precursor to Disney's more recent mold-breaking princess films. Also, great music. Also McDreamy.

Signs: Our first M. Night with the kids. They were only mildly scared by the aliens.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The beasts are great, but the four main humans (plus Colin Farrell) are absolutely delightful.

Under Wraps: The daughter found this one via the "free kids movies" prompt on Comcast, so I'm not sure if it's still there. But this odd little movie about a kid who finds a mummy is surprisingly funny. Take note of it for Halloween.

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