You've never watched Game of Thrones. Here's your cookie.

You've never watched Game of Thrones. Here's your cookie.

There's a hip new sport, and it's sweeping the nation. No, #sheetcaking is over. What all the real "in the know" folks are doing these days is posting on FB about how they don't watch Game of Thrones, they won't watch Game of Thrones, and they "don't get" Game of Thrones, even if they've never watched a minute of it.

They are, as the internet likes to say, the real heroes.

Now I'm not saying everyone has to watch the show. Far from it. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. It's a TV show based on five (so far) VERY THICK AND DENSE fantasy novels by a little, old man who looks like a Hobbit. It's got dragons and zombies and magic, which automatically turns off some folks. It has violence and gore, which turns off others. And of course there's the whole brother-sister, aunt-nephew romance situation, which--

Oh, I just piqued your interest?

Ha-ha, just kidding. I know you've made your stand. The "I will watch Game of Thrones never forever!" hill is the one you've chosen to die on, and there's no going back now, which is totally fine. There are, at last count, 87,000 new TV shows currently airing across all formats. If you don't want to watch Game of Thrones, watch something else. Watch nothing. Call your senators. Read a book. You do you.

But...just...WHY do you have to post about it on social media? And why is it that, when someone comes out at as a Thrones-Free Zone, all the Game of Thrones novices feel the need to chime in?

"I don't watch it either."

"Never seen a second of it."

"It's not for me."

"I have better things to do with my life."

Yes, like respond to a Facebook post about a show you have no interest in watching, making sure we all know and understand your lack of interest.

You are truly better than all of us.

And, honestly, you've convinced me.

I have wasted my life, lo these past several years, reading books that absolutely captivated me, watching a show that sparks passionate conversation, and chatting about my intense thoughts and feelings about it on the internet with other people who feel the same way. Yes, we've found a bit of a water cooler, which is very hard to come by these days, but Game of Thrones has distracted us from talking about other more important things, like The Bachelor, stock photo memes, and railing against pumpkin spice everything.

So what if Game of Thrones relates directly to what we're dealing with in America today? It's a stupid TV show. It's about dragons and stuff, which means it automatically has to be dumb and frivolous.

And, I mean, YOU'RE not watching it. YOU. And you're the smartest person you know. So, obviously, by the transitive property or something, that means YOU'RE right, and everyone else is wrong.

Which is exactly how I'll feel when everyone starts posting about college football in September.

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