Game of Thrones Recap: The Dragon and the Wolf

Game of Thrones Recap: The Dragon and the Wolf

I have questions.

King's Landing: So. Number one, how did Grey Worm free himself and the rest of the Unsullied from the siege at Casterly Rock? Did I miss something? Was this part of the parlay agreement? Did Grey Worm's guys manage to get out because the Lannister army was decimated and then some during that one battle where everyone got burned? We never got to see his big reunion with Messandei or anything. Or it's possible I blocked it from my memory.

But, the gang's all there in King's Landing, meeting inside the dragon pit for reasons. There's a lot of power play happening here--Cersei chooses the venue, Sansa doesn't show, Dany's late, Euron wants to turn the whole thing into a roast of Theon. But the guy with the most power is the dude who wants it the least--Jon Snow flat out tells Cersei he's not on her team.

Cersei does not take this well, naturally. And she doesn't care about the safety of anyone else--just her close friends and the babby what is growing in her womb. But she "agrees" to "make nice," which is code for conspire with Euron to bring in an army of fancy pants sellswords from Essos. Jaime doesn't like this one bit and is finally seeing the light on Cersei. He rides off to fight the army of the dead, as he should.

Another question: I mean, I guess the reason people in Camp Dany care about bringing Cersei on board is to keep her from fighting against them while they're trying to fight the dead, but Jaime has the right of it. There's only one side here. You're either with the people fighting against the pure evil beyond the Wall, or you're not. Jaime is choosing to be on the right side of history here. Still, at this point, Cersei is basically an annoying gnat. She has hardly any army, she's scared to leave her castle area, she doesn't have dragons. She lifts right out. Who cares what she does?

Other things happening in King's Landing: Bronn's saying "cock" a lot, so much I think he's trying to tell us something. The Hound almost fought the Mountain, but didn't thank goodness. Pod and Tyrion reunited for a minute. So did Brienne and Jaime, which may prove to be SIGNIFICANT, we'll see. Oh, and Tyrion talked to Cersei in a great scene.

Dragonstone: Theon has finally shed his Reek-ness. He apologized to Jon and is off to save his sister. I loved how, during his fight against the current captain of Yara's fleet, the guy kept trying to kick Theon in his non-existent balls.

Those who would fight against the zombies are heading up to WINTERFELL first, and don't think a Hound/Sansa reunion didn't cross my mind. It's always on my mind. It's the only thing on my mind. Jon and Dany, relieving the sexual tension no one with eyes or ears has ever felt, went to the bone zone.

Winterfell: Question number three: So, Sansa and Arya are on the same team now? Was that terrible conversation last week (or whenever) all for show? Were they merely trying to lure Littlefinger into a false sense of security? Whatever. Now his watch has ended. And I wasn't sad at all. Littlefinger has been dead weight for a while now. RIP our favorite schemer of old. Yay for the sisters teaming up to rule the North.

In a classic meeting of the insufferable, Bran and Sam had a fireside chat about Jon's lineage. Jon's not a bastard, after all, which we all knew because we were paying attention to Gilly a few weeks ago. Because we ALWAYS pay attention to Gilly when she talks. Also, if Bran Stark isn't narrating all your love making, you're doing it wrong.

The Wall: Ice dragons are good for melting ice. Who would've guessed? The dead are past the wall now, and Eastwatch by the Sea has been destroyed...along with Tormund and Beric? Probably not, as we didn't actually see them die, but if they survive the avalanche, it'll be a miracle. As miraculous as Tormund surviving the zombie pileup last week. And Jorah being cured of greyscale.

I don't want to see Tormund gone, but I'm okay with that if it opens the door for a Jaime and Brienne reunion.

Yes, I want this show to end like a Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, with everyone paired up and happy--Sansa and the Hound, Jaime and Brienne, Arya and Gendry, Bran and Sam, sitting together by a fire, one-upping each other with their "knowledge."

I'll go more in depth during Winners and Losers; but for now, I can't believe the season is over. It was fun, if disappointing. I'm hoping for better things in 2018.

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