That NRA video, though.

That NRA video, though.

You saw it on Facebook. I'm not going to link to it here.

The NRA and its ilk believe that the shadowy *left* is working as a team--an organized team--to kill "real" news stories and say mean things about the president. They apparently think someone--George Soros?--is paying all the Hollywood elites, comedians, and pop stars to make propaganda films and Beyonce songs and write speeches pushing the liberal agenda. The end result of this is...marching? And protests? And destruction of property? stay with me here...all of this, everything leading up to the paid (George Soros) protestors, was all a buildup to get us to the point where the police were forced to do their jobs and keep the peace at the rallies and protests. And why did we want to get to that point? What was our ULTIMATE SHADY GOAL? To make the police look bad and AGAIN push our narrative.

Damn. They got us.

But the video fails to recognize a few things.

1) The left isn't that organized. Yeah, there have been some great protests and big moments, but WE'RE NOT THE ONES CURRENTLY IN POWER. We control only a handful of state legislatures. We're fighting for our existence here, not world domination.

2) This isn't about #winning for the left. This isn't about putting points on the board. It's about giving everyone a voice and health care and the ability to pull themselves up by their proverbial bootstraps. When Hollywood makes movies about POC and LGBTQA+es, it's not because some shadowy higher power told them to. It's because they are a POC or an LGBTQA or they know marginalized people and want to highlight their stories. It's because they feel compassion and empathy and want everyone to be happy. It's super Pollyanna, and it doesn't always work. Making people want to pay higher taxes or put others' needs before their own is not a sexy business model.

We don't want to "take your guns" because it's fun and mean and we want nothing more than to point and laugh at you while you stand there naked without your penis substitute. We want to take your guns because we're sick of kids dying on the streets or women using said guns to take their own lives or men using them to kill their families or shoot up churches. We're sick of guns because we love people. Full stop.

This isn't about us vs. you. It's about you vs. some shadowy made-up monster you need to believe in to justify the fact that you don't care about anyone who doesn't think or look like you.


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