James Comey shows his work

James Comey shows his work

I've been really obsessed with "work" lately.

One of my favorite podcasts is the "Show Your Work" podcast from the Lainey Gossip site. The hosts dig into the "work" of being an actor, writer, athlete, whatever. They talk about how commitment to the "work" or the "effort" is really inspiring. An actor's relationship to "work" is directly related to how much they like and respect him.

Johnny "Earpieces" Depp is very low on their list.

My theory is that, after fifteen odd years of focusing on reality TV and the internet and watching people become famous and successful for little to no reason, we're ready to swing back and admire the people who do the work for their craft. There's joy in the work, and pride. It's aspirational. We want to hear about how hard it is for Shonda Rhimes to write a script, but also that she digs in and gets it done. We want to know how long it took Lin-Manuel Miranda to write Hamilton. We want to reward these people for their efforts. Because these people aren't accidents. They are do-ers. They are people who write (literally sometimes) their own tickets. We can be these people if we do the work.

How does that segue to James Comey and the mess in the White House?

James Comey, after just being fired as FBI head, is showing his work. He (or people close to him, but let's be real) has the receipts. He took copious notes of his private conversations with the Pussgrab in Chief. He probably took notes on every conversation he'd had over the past six months.

Comey, though frustrating (very, very frustrating) to both the Right and the Left at times, took his job very seriously. He did the work.

He's the anti-Trump.

Our Orange Overlord represents the reality TV segment of the population. His entire life has been entitlement after entitlement, privilege after privilege. He has never had to actually do work in his life (though he and his pussgrab progeny don't seem to understand that). Worse, he has no desire to learn about the work or improve at his job. He's a seventy-year-old man who is content to keep doing what he's done his whole life. He has zero intellectual curiosity.

He does not, will not, cannot understand the meaning and pride one gets from a job well done. He only cares about the win. What he doesn't get is that the win is meaningless if you didn't earn it.

But the workers are rising up--the James Comeys, the reporters, the citizens who want their country back.

If these are the kinds of people who bring down Trump--not his fellow billionaires or another reality TV star--it's a beautiful thing. It's the kind of thing that gives me actual hope for the future of our country.


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