I hit #1 on Amazon's best sellers list. Here's how my life has changed.

I hit #1 on Amazon's best sellers list. Here's how my life has changed.

On Amazon there's a list for everything. There's a best selling list for handheld flashlights and outdoor flags and banners. Book-wise, if you start to drill down, every book is on a best sellers list. My first book, The Sound of Us (you should read it; it's good), is currently #180 on the Amazon list for best selling children's ebooks in the music category under the "Arts, Music, and Photography" heading. That's not nothing. It's barely a millimeter more than nothing, but it's not nothing.

A few weeks ago, my editor sent me a text with a picture of my second book, Any Boy but You, sitting at #3 on...some list. I was at the movies at the time, so I didn't have a chance to investigate, but I figured I'd have a million voicemails from Reese Witherspoon looking to buy the rights by the time the credits rolled.

That did not happen.

The book was #3 on the books > teens > romance > romantic comedy list, which is maybe a centimeter north of nothing (and it has hit #1 a few times). It's probably firmly stuck at #1 for YA rom-coms set in Minnesota featuring a character named Elena.

And, yes, I keep stalking my Amazon ranking, because I'm a sad, needy writer who craves positive reinforcement.

But how has my life changed? Well, it has not. I don't get recognized on the street, but that's probably because I always make sure to go out wearing my Groucho Marx mustache. I get free stuff from Portillo's, but only on my birthday. I pull my pants on one leg at a time. Or, well, my servant, Nikolaj, does.

So, no. Nothing new. Everything is exactly as it was.

But I'm keeping my phone charged in case Reese calls.


I wrote a book! It's YA novel, THE SOUND OF US. You can find the details right here! Kirkus calls it "a winning story about a teenage voice student that hits all the right notes."

I also wrote another book, Any Boy but You, (You've Got Mail in the Pokemon Go era). You can buy it here.

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